TA-65® Lawsuit: A Victory for T.A. Sciences & Consumers

March 4, 2015

Understand how the TA-65® Lawsuit Impacts Consumers

TA Sciences Lawsuit

In an important decision, a U.S. district court has found in favor of T.A. Sciences. This resolution to the TA-65® lawsuit marks a major victory for both the T.A Sciences organization and consumers. The TA-65® lawsuit, also known as Patton v. Egan has been completely resolved. The jury found that Egan (the defendant) had defamed and acted with malice toward Patton (plaintiff, representing T.A. Sciences).

The jury also denied claims made by the defendant that T.A. Sciences had acted in a discriminatory way. This resolution to the TA-65® lawsuit comes in addition to an earlier decision, in which the court determined that T.A. Sciences had not marketed its TA-65® supplement in a harmful or deceptive way.

For more information about the TA-65® lawsuit, visit the T.A. Sciences website: http://www.tasciences.com/u-s-district-court-finds-favor-t-sciences-patton-v-egan/

The TA-65® Lawsuit: A Boon for Consumers

You may be wondering: “How does this ruling in the TA-65® lawsuit affect me, the consumer?” This resolution actually makes a major impact in that regard. That’s because it highlights two things:

  • The great reputation of T.A. Sciences is well-earned
  • The TA-65® supplement is marketed in a non-deceptive way

Beyond all else, the TA-65® lawsuit highlights that T.A. Sciences markets its premier product in a truthful and non-harmful way. This is great for consumers because, as marketed by T.A. Sciences, the TA-65® supplement is:

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Effective
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA
  • Used to lengthen telomeres
  • Designed to fight premature aging

As the court in the TA-65® lawsuit recognized, these claims are not false or harmful. Taking this in to consideration, consumers of the TA-65® product can have confidence these claims are clinically proven. In the words of T.A. Sciences Chairman and Founder Noel Thomas Patton: “We are pleased that the jury recognized that T.A. Sciences operates with the highest integrity in its business practices.”

TA-65® Lawsuit: Strong Science

The result of the TA-65® lawsuit highlights the strong science and research that goes in to the creation of the TA-65® supplement. As the first company to develop such a product, T.A. Sciences utilized countless hours of research order to create and refine the product. On this topic, Noel Thomas Patton said: “We also appreciate that the court acknowledged the strong scientific basis behind its product claims.”

The TA-65® lawsuit findings lend credence to the extensive biological studies of telomeres and their effects on aging that have been performed by T.A. Sciences. Detailed information about the numerous studies performed by T.A. Sciences can be found on their official website: http://www.tasciences.com/what-is-a-telomere/.

Ultimately, the result of TA-65® lawsuit is a big positive for consumers. With the court in the TA-65® lawsuit ruling in favor of T.A. Sciences - indicating that no false or deceptive marketing was used - consumers can enjoy the benefits of TA-65® with solid peace of mind. When it comes to your health, there is no substitute for strong scientific research and evidence.